Remelt Flux
We produce all standard Flux compositions as well as a variety
of proprietary compositions formulated to the customers
specifications. AFM is the largest producer
of ESR Flux worldwide.
All standard Flux compositions can be purchased in a blended
form as well. This product, packaged in Supersacks, is not
fused and is produced for hot start applications.
With increasing pressure to reduce costs, we are pleased to
offer resizing. This process makes your spent Fluxes and turns
it back into a useable form of material complete with certified
analysis. Resized Flux can be blended with new material to
reduce costs and limit the amount of material going to landfill.
Ferro Molybdenum is processed using a Stedman Mill to meet
customer sizing specifications. This service is offered on a
tolling basis.
Powders &
Spray Dry
Pure Molybdenum Powder is produced by reducing Pure
Molybdic Oxide or Ammonium DiMolybdate in a hydrogen
atmospheric furnace. Extraordinary attention is devoted to
every aspect of customers chemical and sizing specifications.
High purity Molybdenum Powder is blended with a binder,
pressed into pellet form and sintered in a hydrogen
atmosphere to achieve vacuum grade quality. American Flux &
Metal is one of the leading manufacture
rs of Molybdenum
pellets in the world, supplying the superalloy industry.
American Flux & Metal
Product Overview
American Flux & Metal