American Flux & Metal has developed Prefused
Electroslag Fluxes to provide superalloy manufacturers
with the high quality, consistent product required by
today's electroslag refining (ESR) operations.

In recent years the performance requirements of
superalloys have advanced. Tools, shafts and highly
stressed components such as moving jet engine parts
now require greater purity and more predictable crystal
structure to achieve the designed function; metallurgical
specifications have tightened dramatically. Prefused
Electroslag Fluxes, produced in
AF&M's state-of-the-art
induction furnaces, have become critical materials in the
manufacture of these superalloys; they are uniquely and
cost-effectively capable of meeting these new

AF&M fluxes are produced in conformance with strict
quality assurance standards. Our process can control
SiO2, contamination to as low as 0.6% by combining
stringent and exacting raw material selection with highly
controlled conditions in the fusing environment.
Specified Fluxes
AF&M specializes in the development
and production of unique, customer
specified fluxes.  Our quality
assurance standards permit precise
chemical composition specifications.
We are sensitive to the proprietary
nature of both formulations and
applications. We assure our
customers complete confidentiality.
Standard Fluxes
Typical Chemical Composition (%) to
be discussed at a later date.
Sizing is engineered to
accommodate the various
annulus spacing of different ESR
furnaces. By first jaw crushing
and then screening, our process
assures consistent particle size
with a minimum of fines.

1/2' x Down          1/4" x Down
+1/2"=5.0% max   +1/4"=5% max
-50M=10.0% max  -50M=20.0% max
Some fines could be produced by
repeated handling
Particle Shape
Gray to off-white.
Approximately 1550° C.

ESR Flux
American Flux & Metal